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Impatica ShowMate

Getting Started with Sony Ericsson

The following steps are provided to help get you started projecting PowerPoint presentations with your ShowMate. For complete instructions on how to use your ShowMate, please refer to the ShowMate User's Manual. You may also download a PDF version of these Getting Started instructions for future reference.

1. Get your Registration Code

To use Impatica for PowerPoint Mobile Edition, you will need to obtain registration information first. Please do the following:

  1. Go to the ShowMate Registration page;
  2. Fill out the form, including entering your ShowMate serial number;
  3. Print or note the registration information displayed or wait to receive the information via e-mail.

2. Install Impatica for PowerPoint Mobile Edition on your PC

You will need to have Impatica for PowerPoint Mobile Edition installed on your Windows PC to convert and load presentations onto your Sony Ericsson handheld. To install it:

  1. From the ShowMate CD-ROM, run the Impatica for PowerPoint installer (setupppt.exe) by clicking on the link provided on the ShowMate CD-ROM or download the latest installer.
  2. Follow the instructions presented in the installation wizard;
  3. When the installation is complete, launch Impatica for PowerPoint Mobile Edition;
  4. When prompted, enter the registration information e-mailed to you in step 1.

3. Install Impatica Viewer on your Sony Ericsson Handheld

The Impatica Viewer for Sony Ericsson must be installed on your PSony Ericsson handheld before you can load and project presentations. The file is not located on your ShowMate CD-ROM and must be downloaded.

  • Get the link http://www.impatica.com/iv on your Sony Ericsson handheld and download the application directly;
  • or
  • Connect your Sony Ericsson handheld to your Windows PC then copy the files ImpaticaViewer.jad and ImpaticaViewer.jar to your handheld (the files are located in the folder "Impatica Viewer" on your ShowMate CD-ROM). On the handheld, navigate to ImpaticaViewer.jad and choose Install.
Once the application is installed on your handheld, navigate to it, click the More button to open the Applications menu then choose Permissions. Ensure the permissions for Read User Data and Write User Data are set to Never ask.

4. Convert and Load your Presentation

To impaticize your PowerPoint presentation and load it onto your Sony Ericsson handheld:

  1. Click and drag your PowerPoint file onto the Impatica for PowerPoint icon on your desktop or into the Source PowerPoint Files list in Impatica for PowerPoint Mobile Edition;
  2. Click Impaticize;
  3. Preview the converted presentation by clicking Preview;
  4. Connect your mobile device to your PC and ensure that they are connected;
  5. Locate the impaticized version of your presentation filename.imp. By default this file will be in the same location as the PowerPoint file;
  6. Copy the impaticized presentation to the handheld or memory stick using Windows Explorer.
Tip: You may wish to use the ShowMate Practice presentation that is included on the ShowMate CD-ROM to practice converting and loading. If you have misplaced your ShowMate CD-ROM, download the ShowMate Practice Presentation now.

5. Project your Presentation

To start projecting your presentation, first connect your ShowMate to the projector or display and to a power supply:

  • Use a VGA cable to connect your ShowMate to your projector or display;
  • Use the supplied power charger and USB cable to plug your ShowMate into a power outlet.

Then, on the Sony Ericsson Smartphone:

  1. Ensure that Bluetooth connections have been enabled for your handheld;
  2. Launch the Impatica Viewer;
  3. Click on the presentation you would like to project and choose Project;
  4. Choose your ShowMate from the list that appears, and click Select. If your ShowMate does not appear in the list, add it by selecting New ShowMate. The ShowMate will appear as "ShowMate nnnnnn" in the device list, where "nnnnnn" corresponds to the last 6 digits in the ShowMate serial number;
  5. Enter the passkey if required. The default passkey is the first 4 digits in the last segment of the ShowMate serial number;
  6. Once the presentation has finished transferring to the ShowMate, use the presentation menu, shortcut keys, navigation keys or soft keys to control the presentation.

Tip: You may wish to use the ShowMate Practice presentation that is included on the ShowMate CD-ROM to practice converting and loading. If you have misplaced your ShowMate CD-ROM, download the ShowMate Practice Presentation now.

Additional Resources

Sony Ericsson Requirements

  • J2ME Compatible:
    • CLDC 1.1 (Connection Limited Device Configuration)/MIDP 2.0 (Mobile Information Device Profile)
    • Security Certificate - Thawte Premium Server Certificate (typically installed by the service provider)
    • JSR 82 (Bluetooth API)
    • JSR 75 (File Connection API)
  • Java Platform (JP) 5 or higher with Bluetooth support. Please consult the image below to determine the Java Platform installed on your Sony Ericsson handheld.
  • Java Platform (JP) 3 Symbian or higher with Bluetooth support.

Other Requirements

  • Projector or other display with VGA input
  • PC with Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista (32 bit) to perform firmware upgrades when necessary

Questions about Impatica ShowMate?

Email Impatica Customer Support or call:

  • In North America: (800) 548-3475
  • Outside North America: (613) 736-9982