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Beta Program

Impatica for PowerPoint v410 for WindowsTM

This beta build of Impatica for PowerPoint for Windows was created to address a known issue with the released version of the software. This beta resolves an issue that prevented Impatica for PowerPoint from launching on certain systems due to a conflict with the installed version of QuickTime. This v4.1.0 beta build should be used if you are experiencing this issue.

This beta software will work with either evaluation or licensed registration information in any of the available views; i.e. Full, Mobile or BlackBerry Edition view.

This issue does not affect Mac users.

Download Location and Installation Instructions

To obtain download and installation instructions, please send an email request to beta@impatica.com

Known Limitations

There are no known limitations.

Feedback Procedure

To report any issues or provide other feedback, please use the beta program feedback procedure outlined on the Beta Program Overview page.

If the software does not launch, then the beta software has not resolved the issue in your environment. Please follow the instructions located in this Knowledgebase document and inform Impatica Customer Support at support@impatica.com; including your installed Operating System and QuickTime versions in the email.

Additional Resources

Products Currently in Beta Release

Help Files

For additional information on this product, please see the Knowledgebase help files.

If you require assistance, please feel free to contact our Customer Support department via one of the following methods:

Email: support@impatica.com OR beta@impatica.com

Phone: (800) 548-3475
+1 613 736-9982
Fax: (613) 736-9084