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Impatica Solutions - Education

Impatica software is used by thousands of schools, colleges and universities to quickly and easily create engaging rich media presentations that can be delivered to the widest possible audience, cross-platform, plug-in free at dial-up modem speeds.

"Impaticized" presentations enable the full spectrum of delivery options:

  • Online (as an HTML page);
  • Embedded within an existing Web page;
  • Within a learning management system (e.g. WebCT, Blackboard and Desire2Learn). Impaticized output is SCORM compliant;
  • Offline, such as on a CD-ROM; or
  • As an attachment to an e-mail or a link in an e-mail.

How it Works

The process is simple:

  • Drag and drop your PowerPoint file onto the Impatica icon on your desktop; and
  • Click the "Impaticize" button.
It's that easy!!

Site Licenses

Site licensing offers unlimited installation of both the Windows and Mac OS X versions of Impatica for PowerPoint on all school computers. This is a one-time fee entitling teachers, students, staff and administrators to use the software at school AND on their home computers.

All site licenses include one year of customer support and product upgrades. Ongoing support and upgrades are available at 20% of the purchase price per annum.

Impatica OnCue

Impatica OnCue takes PowerPoint to the next level, enabling the rapid creation and delivery of PowerPoint presentations synchronized with video and a scrolling text transcript. Other features include keyword search, an indexed table of contents, VCR and slide controls and the ability for viewers to choose among variable connection speeds on the fly.

Where time or resources preclude the use of video, an audio-only presentation can easily be created by substituting a picture of the speaker in the video window.

The template layout, size of the video window, logo, color choices and buttons can be customized to your specifications.

For additional information and demos of customer applications, visit the Impatica OnCue product page.

Additional Resources

Education Presentation
Testimonials from some of North America's leading educators who use Impatica products to enhance their courses.

Students: Reports, class projects and digital portfolios

Teachers: Parent communications, online classes, presentations, assignments and lesson plans

Staff and Administrators: Staff development, e-learning, budget reports, internal and external communications


  • Fast and easy content authoring
  • PowerPoint files are compressed up to 95%
  • Supports audio, video, graphics, animations, transitions and hyperlinks
  • Cross-platform delivery
  • Presentations can be viewed at dial-up modem speeds
  • Viewers do not require PowerPoint or any plug-ins
  • Save bandwidth and server storage space