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Presentation Synchronization

Synchronization of video/audio with PowerPoint slides, notes and animations is one of Impatica's core competencies. Using our Impatica OnCue and Impatica for PowerPoint software products, our services team can synchronize your PowerPoint file (animation, transitions and notes) to an external video or audio file presenting the final project in a template wrapper that reflects your organization's "look and feel".

A well synchronized presentation speaks to the professionalism of the speaker and allows the message to be clearly received by the viewer.

  • Synchronization of animation to narration
    Completed within PowerPoint exclusively, Impatica will ensure that the animation timing in your impaticized presentation is perfectly synchronized with your pre-recorded narration or the narration provided through Impatica's professional voice-over service.

  • Synchronization of narration (captured in audio or video) to slide transitions, animations and PowerPoint notes.
    Synchronization is completed using the Impatica OnCue edit interface. Impatica services will use this tool to synchronize your PowerPoint animations, slide transitions and notes to a separate audio or video file. This level of synchronization combined with the OnCue viewer interface results in a more pleasant user experience.

Additional Resources

Samples of presentation synchronization work:

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