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We encourage you to use the Impatica Knowledgebase to search for answers to commonly asked questions regarding Impatica products. The articles are organized by product, so we hope you find the answer you are looking for quickly and easily.

If you have any comments about the knowledgebase or suggestions for new content, please e-mail support@impatica.com.

Popular Articles from the Impatica Knowledgebase

How do I preview a previously converted presentation with Impatica for PowerPoint Version 5?

To properly play converted presentations, a web server is required. Since Impatica for PowerPoint includes a simple web server... More >>

Once I upload my presentation, the audio or video does not play in certain browsers.

The server must be configured to respond with the correct MIME types for audio and video to work in all web browsers as expected... More >>

Is Impatica for PowerPoint version 5 available for Mac OS X?

At this time, Impatica for PowerPoint version 5 is available only for Windows XP/Vista/7... More >>

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