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Impatica Software Training

Impatica Professional Services team can provide individual or group based training on Impatica's products. Training programs may be designed to:

  • Review a product's functionality
  • Instruct you on the easiest way to get your best end result
  • Assist you with problems you may encounter
  • Increase your return on the software

All training includes written materials, tips and tricks and product collateral. So whether you are a subject expert looking to hone your skills or simply looking for an overview of Impatica's capabilities, Impatica offers the right training for you.

Onsite workshops

Onsite training conducted by Impatica Professionals provides you and your team in-person, classroom style training sessions. These sessions are in-depth and provide advanced training. Onsite training allows you to try what you've learned, in your own environment while having an Impatica representative there to help. Training conducted by Impatica is ideal for training on site experts and/or first level support teams.

Client led workshops

Similar in material to onsite workshops, client led workshops use learning material provided by Impatica to train your team. This type of session is usually led by an onsite expert and can be accompanied by an Impatica webinar or teleconference. Client led workshops are perfect for those looking to provide in-depth training without the resources required for onsite workshops.

"Lunch and learn" sessions

"Lunch and learns" are quick sessions (30-35 minutes) designed to provide the client with an overview of the product. The session consists of a short webinar and brief question period. This type of training is ideal for giving a large group basic instruction on the product.


Conducted similarly to a "Lunch and learn", a webinar provides more in-depth details on a product. The length and content of the session is up to the customer. This type of forum allows for personalized material and an extended question period without the cost and resources of in-person training.

Additional Resources

Contact sales@impatica.com or call 1-800-548-3475 to discuss your project.