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Impatica OnCue

Impatica OnCue Template Library

This library houses a series of unbranded OnCue templates, from various themes, that are available to all licensed Impatica OnCue customers. The Impatica OnCue template library gives you the flexibility to pick and choose the theme and layout that best suits your presentation.

Standard OnCue Template Library

The entire Standard Template Library is included with every OnCue purchase. All templates in this library are available to any licensed OnCue customer. This library will be enhanced on a regular basis.

A copy of the Standard Template Library can be obtained via a download link contained within the OnCue registration information e-mail provided by Impatica Sales. Licensed clients who predate the template library system are encouraged to contact sales@impatica.com to receive a copy of the Standard OnCue Template Library.

Customized branding is available for any single template or theme pack available in this library.

Theme Packs:

Within the Standard Library, there is a collection of Theme Packs. A theme pack is comprised of six templates that share a common look-and-feel, i.e. the same control design, background color and graphics. Each theme pack includes six different layouts, so you can decide what arrangement works best for your presentation.

Supplemental OnCue Template Library

In order to assist you with template customization ideas, we have created a Supplemental OnCue Template Library.

The templates in this section are only available for purchase when a branding level (Bronze, Silver or Gold) is ordered.

Templates from this library are not available as part of the unbranded Standard Library. Should you wish to see any of these template themes included as a future addition to the Standard Library please e-mail a request to sales@impatica.com.

Please note that additional time will be required to produce templates ordered from or based on this library. Please contact your Impatica Sales Representative for additional information.

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