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Here is a sample of some of the articles in the Impatica Knowledgebase for Impatica OnCue.

Can an Impatica for PowerPoint or Impatica OnCue presentation be hosted over a streaming media server?

Streaming media servers work by sending small pieces of a video or audio file over time, so you can begin viewing or listening to them before the download has completed. These servers must be designed for specific types of media files. Impatica's software produces Java applets, which are... More >>

Creating an Autorun CD for an Impatica OnCue Presentation.

Every autorun CD requires a *.inf file that contains autorun instructions. We have provided an autorun.zip file that contains two files: "autorun.inf" and "autorun.bat". The autorun.inf file automatically launches the autorun.bat file which in turn launches the HTML page that contains the OnCue... More >>

Do you have any tips for creating narration audio files?

Narration is a critical component of Internet delivered presentations. Here are some suggestions to make your narration more engaging and effective: Be brief and to the point. Online viewers have a very short attention span and they are only a single click away from leaving. The narration for... More >>

Your content turned into an Impatica OnCue presentation.


Unlimited use: Host it anywhere. View it everywhere.


Max. 5 min presentation



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Customer Spotlight
See how SANS Institute’s online courses, powered by Impatica OnCue, run on iPad:

iPad - SANS Ondemand from SANS Institute on Vimeo.

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