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Customer Story: SANS OnDemand

The SANS Institute is the most trusted and by far the largest supplier of computer security training in the world. SANS OnDemand provides exactly the same training online.

“Three years ago we thoroughly vetted many different software providers and selected Impatica to build SANS OnDemand. Impatica has truly proven to be a wonderful development partner,” said Eric Bassel , Director at The SANS Institute. “They spent a great deal of time understanding our business and the unique challenges we face. They listened and learned very well and have become an extremely responsive partner that understands our needs and designs solutions accordingly.”

The following video shows how SANS OnDemand has deployed Impatica technology.

OnDemand Overview from SANS Institute on Vimeo.


“Impatica OnCue allows us to rapidly create and update courses of extremely high quality. Using OnCue, we were able to create one version of our content for all devices without compromising quality. Impatica enabled us to run the iPad promotion, which was our most successful promotion ever. In order to run this promotion, Impatica literally worked night and day to hit a very aggressive time schedule. I'm convinced few software providers could have successfully achieved this,” he added.

Playback of SANS OnDemand course authored in Impatica OnCue

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Customer Spotlight
See how SANS Institute’s online courses, powered by Impatica OnCue, run on iPad:

iPad - SANS Ondemand from SANS Institute on Vimeo.

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