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Impatica for PowerPoint

Getting Started with Impatica for PowerPoint 5

The following steps are provided to help get you started "impaticizing" your PowerPoint presentations with Impatica for PowerPoint. For complete instructions on how to use Impatica for PowerPoint, please refer to the Impatica for PowerPoint User Manual

If your software is already installed and registered, please skip to Step 3.

1. Download and install Impatica for PowerPoint

  1. Download the installer:
  2. Once downloaded, unzip the file then double-click on the installer executable setup-imp4ppt-‹version›.exe.
  3. Follow the instructions in the installation wizard

2. Register your software

  1. Launch Impatica for PowerPoint
  2. Carefully read the license agreement and click the radio button to indicate that you agree with the terms of the license agreement.
  3. Enter your registration information exactly as it was provided to you, including spaces, punctuation and case sensitivity.
  4. Click OK.

3. Add your PowerPoint presentation

Add your PowerPoint file to the files to convert using one of two ways:

  • Drag and drop your PowerPoint file onto the software, OR
  • Click on the "Drag and drop PowerPoint files or click to add." area then choose your PowerPoint file from the dialog box that appears.

4. Choose your Conversion Settings

  1. In the Conversion Settings area, click the expand button or drag the divider between the Conversion Settings area and the Conversion List area to reveal all of the available conversion settings.
  2. Choose the settings appropriate for your presentation.

5. Convert your PowerPoint file

Click the Convert button in the row corresponding to your presentation.

6. Preview your Presentation

Click the Preview button in the row corresponding to your presentation and choose the browser in which you would like to preview it.

Additional Resources

Demo Presentation:

Impatica for PowerPoint 5 Overview

Questions about Impatica for PowerPoint?

Email Impatica Customer Support or call:

  • In North America: (800) 548-3475
  • Outside North America: (613) 736-9982