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Impatica - Overview

The Company

Located in Ottawa, Canada, Impatica Inc. was incorporated in March of 1998. Since its leading product, Impatica for PowerPoint, entered the market in April 2001 approximately 2,500 organizations including some 2,000 colleges and universities and several hundred corporations have adopted Impatica products to educate, train and communicate more effectively with hundreds of thousands of people every day.

The Management Team

Impatica Inc. is managed by a professional team with many years experience developing and managing high-technology ventures.

Michael Doyle, Director, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer has co-founded several successful high technology companies including Computer Innovations. Mr. Doyle served as a member of Canada's National Advisory Council on the Information Highway and on the Ontario Council on Educational Technology. He started his career as a Systems Engineer with IBM Corporation and co-founded Impatica in 1998.

Catherine Cormier is responsible for Product Development. In addition to managing the company's development team, she is responsible for all aspects of product packaging. Catherine is a graduate of the University of Ottawa and holds a Bachelors of Applied Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering degree and a post-graduate degree in e-commerce. She co-founded Impatica.

Eric Doyle, Chief Technology Officer, is responsible for overall system architecture of Impatica products. He has extensive experience in a variety of programming languages and communications protocols. Eric holds a Masters of Applied Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering degree from Queen's University with special focus on secure wireless communications. He is a co-founder of Impatica.

Additional Resources

Corporate Headquarters
Impatica Inc.
Ottawa, Ontario Canada
tel: (613) 736-9982, fax: (613) 736-9084
toll free: 1-800-548-3475

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